Centre Goals

At Oxford Multicultural Childcare our qualified, experienced, caring educators with the support of the Teaching & Learning Development Team aim to extend and enrich children’s learning the precepts of which are summarised within our philosophy and below.

  • Provide a warm, loving, caring, friendly, safe, stimulating learning and home like environment.
  • Ensure programs are flexible, based on children’s interests and individual choices, and follow up on childrens’ interests.
  • Encourage involvement of parents and valuing parents ideas and input on their child’s development.
  • Provide a healthy environment through teaching and practicing good hygiene, i.e. – promoting healthy lifestyles, and provide a variety of nutritious meals and encourage children to try them.
  • Encourage further training and development of new skills to all staff.
  • Maintain a high standard of care.
  • Familiarise families with community services and support available in our local area.
  • Use a variety of training methods. For example – host professional development opportunities, visit other services.
  • Ensure centre goals and staffing goals are evaluated annually.
  • Implement a program which stimulates each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development considering individual difference, children with special needs and cultures.
  • Encourage children’s self-help skills and independence through their own choices of experiences.
  • Encourage parents or guardians to voice opinions in the centres’ program, according to their own needs and interests.
  • Respect each staff member and their ideas, cultural and religious beliefs and diet and to celebrate these aspects.
  • Value and support staff in their work with children and families and in professional development.
  • Encourage parent participation at parent meetings, in order for their knowledge and ideas to be shared.
  • Be responsive to the needs of the community and abiding by the relevant laws and policies that relate to the running of children’s services.
  • Gain high quality results in the Accreditation process in all quality areas.

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