About Oxford

The inclusion of different cultures, backgrounds and abilities, offer a variety of perspectives on attitudes, education, and lifestyle.

An appreciation of other ways of life is key to development of well-rounded modern children, meaning that cultural inclusivity enhances children’s understanding and interaction with those around them.

Who We Are?

We are an extension of the Little Peoples Early Learning Group which is family run and have been operating since 2002.

Providing a high level of care to children across the Illawarra for more than a decade we are excited to be given this opportunity to run a brand new, state of the art facility within the heart of Wollongong.

Being a part of the Illawarra community we are passionate about recognising the multicultural society in which we live. Early Childhood is a crucial time in the development of your child and we believe that ongoing engagement with families and the community are critical to a child’s development.

Our passion is to create and environment of high quality individualised care for children from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds, providing children with a sense of connnection with other and their community & understanding how all Australians from diverse backgrounds equally belong to this nation and enrich it.

What We Achieve?

The Teaching and Learning Development Team provide support to the centres Nominated Supervisors in order to create Early Learning Centre’s of Excellence tha will nurture each child’s self esteem, wellbeing and development.

Our philosophy was developed with the fundamental aim of “extending and enriching children’s learning throughout their journey of early childhood”and the major precepts of this are summarised in our company goals and philosophy. We are proud of our centre’s and invite you to call in and see the high level of care and education we provide.

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